Are you ready and willing to sign up to work with Alastair?

  • You are COMMITTED to getting this aspect of your life sorted.
  • You are OPEN to new ways of thinking about your situation.
  • You are willing to APPLY ideas learned in sessions and PRACTICE psychological skills.
  • You UNDERSTAND that change is not an exact science. It depends on you and Alastair forming a partnership, working together, and problem solving your situation.
  • You will need to be HONEST. Resolving an issue involves open, honest and compassionate conversations.
  • You are WILLING to make an investment of time and energy to get the change that you want.

Session Format

Every new client books 3 sessions. Significant improvement to your situation is expected in that time.

The fee is £375 for all 3 sessions.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and will be spaced approximately 2 weeks apart.

Sessions will be conducted either in person or over Zoom.

This is not traditional counselling where you speak with someone every week for 6 months or a year (at a much higher total cost). Most clients do 3-6 sessions with Alastair and get big changes in their situation in that time. These changes are usually lasting and help you to take new perspectives and feel different.